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About Henry Sparks

HENRY SPARKS lives in England, plays guitar, writes and sings songs. His music is informed by experience as a farm hand, pizza slinger, carpenter, architect and lecturer.
 Folk - English and American - and a fascination with song-writing have driven his playing and creativity. Henry was a founder of DIY punk innovators Longport Buzz and roots pioneers Bootfare. He now makes music locally with Canterbury legends The Country Counts, and stateside with The New City Wates and plays in or out at any opportunity.

There’s even more to this than even I thought…

Adventures in Protools: I gaily thought that I would have all this album recording and mixing stuff done and dusted by the turn of last year (2017). So it is that I have not!

Rocks from around the world at work!

It has been a lot of learning and discovery which I enjoy. People ask why do you do it this way, all alone?

It is partly wanting to make something as I think it ought to be and having the final sayso. I am probably just a control freak of a very English sort!

The process can be very dispiriting because it is all up to me and the days turn so easily to ratshit. I look at what I have done in the day and curse myself! The whole thing seems a vast enterprise, the edges of which I can only dimly see. It becomes smaller and more manageable day by day as I learn. I do have a support network of donors of good and sometimes wise advice to help me along.

If I got someone else to do all that nob twiddling and listening stuff I wouldn’t know how it all worked. There is a raw beauty in understanding better and being able to hear things in my own and other’s work.

The whole business of mixing a drumkit is an exponential gamechanger. The kit itself is more tracks than I have ever previously worked with at once. And then phasing…I thought that that was just a horrible pedal for guitar botherers.

The upside of all this slow progress is that I am growing into the songs and my views of them has changed since the original tracking in Melbourne last May. I have also had the chance to sing the songs out on my own at gigs which is informative.

Kitchen as studio.

So where and when will it all end? I have been getting friends who pass through to add their work to the album as their time and schedule permits. It is a slow process as I only get a bit of time with them here and there. I am hoping to get a lot of that finished by May.

In mid March I am doing a session with some friends at the Metway in Brighton to record a new song (Sometimes She…) and to re-record ‘Here comes the storm’. Looking for a live band feel for both with everyone playing all at once.

Realistically I think this crazy thing should be complete sometime in the Autumn of this year. Meanwhile I am getting to play as much as I can which I love.

Life is interesting and I would not have it any other way! Back to it…

More Soon!