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About Henry Sparks

HENRY SPARKS lives in England, plays guitar, writes and sings songs. His music is informed by experience as a farm hand, pizza slinger, carpenter, architect and lecturer.
 Folk - English and American - and a fascination with song-writing have driven his playing and creativity. Henry was a founder of DIY punk innovators Longport Buzz and roots pioneers Bootfare. He now makes music locally with Canterbury legends The Country Counts, and stateside with The New City Wates and plays in or out at any opportunity.

Visions of Eden

I wrote this song in 1989 after hearing about Captain Cook’s arrival at Easter Island. At the time he arrived it was forested. Now the trees have all been cut down. It struck me at the time it was an analogue for the way humans have treated their world, particularly the Northern Hemisphere Industrialized Nations. Now with the Climate Crisis engulfing us this song still remains on message, but in the sadness there is hope. I wonder who will cut down the last tree?