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This Darkness Falls

‘And my question to everybody else is, is this what we want: to let them get away with it, and to sit back and play with our phones, as this darkness falls?’

This statement occurs 14 minutes and 12 seconds into Carole Cadwalladr’s 2019 Ted talk: ‘Facebook’s role in Brexit-and the threat to democracy’

There was something that stuck with me about ‘This darkness falls’.

It lurked around in the back of my brain for the best part of a year as we went through covids and lockdowns, there was the shameful exposure of the shortfingered vulgarian on Capitol Hill. Concurrently my family and I wrestled with the NHS and my mother, trying to find a new way of life for her.

It has not been easy for anyone except the super rich who got richer and if I have learned anything it is about the isolation of the ‘cyberconnected human’. In twenty years we started to use a totally disconnected way of communicating. It is not now necessary to be in the same place or in the same timeframe as the people we wish to ‘communicate’ with.

Habits which have been developing for centuries have been thrown to the winds as we try to be pleased and happy when we see a loved one on the laptop screen. We are not because it is only metal and plastic and five millimeters thick, it is hollow.

Discussing the internet the comedian Rich Hall posed the question: ‘Do you think you are getting all this for free?’

Not only are we being offered access to a life of instant angel-delight, but also the internet organisers are making a profit out of us as we devour it. No one is asking for permission to use us as cash cows and potentially exert control except in print so small… And what do the followers of influencers and posters of rubbish such as this think is going on? The problem in that sentence is the word think. We don’t because we do think it is all too difficult for us to comprehend which is just the trick of the game.

So let’s mix another pack of angel-delight and start back at the top at of the page.

Oh…and about the song…

Fairly obviously the lyric is impressionistic and unfettered by any sense or reality as a useful lyric should be. All names have been changed etc… events have been altered etc…

This Darkness Falls

I was staging an escape when you caught my arm,

And said: Let’s blow the doors off the 21st century.

I learned astonishment that night.

But now it all seems clearer like something I once knew,

We have to burn a candle as this darkness falls.

This darkness falls, this darkness falls,

This darkness falls around.

I was hiding in the dark when your call came through,

All twinkling lights and a telephone noise your voice right next to me.

Then a trick of the lights said: Goodbye my dear.

And I think about the good times and what we’ve all been through,

We have to light a candle as this darkness falls.

This darkness falls, this darkness falls, as we sleep,

This darkness falls around.

Once you took my hand and laughed then said: Let’s run,

To a place where we are always free.

So now I take the shutters down at night.

But time won’t run backwards control z(ee) undo.

We burn this damn candle down as the darkness falls.

This darkness falls, this darkness falls, as we sleep.

This darkness falls as we sleep.

Darkness falls around, darkness falls around,

As we sleep, as we sleep, as we sleep, as we sleep.

Henry Sparks                           © 2021

Post script 27.01 22: I think this post is right on the money. My views on this stuff have hardened. The general public are being treated as dumb animals. It is expected that the users of social media will blindly follow whatever golden calf they are presented with whilst money is being made out of them. Generally the more untrue an idea is the better it will do on social media. This coupled with the manifest dishonesty of the politicians in power in the UK gives little hope for a democratic future in this country. Flawed though it may be democracy is the only bulwark we know of against the totalitarian barbarism of the failed empires of the twentieth century.

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