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Latest Waxing, the CD.


The ‘Latest Waxing’ CD is a collection of five new songs which I have written and recorded. The songs are all acoustic, each with its individual texture and content.

The first song, ‘While we were building Jerusalem’, is almost psalmic in terms of lyric and arrangement. It borrows ideas from Blake and Parry’s ‘Jerusalem’ but is concerned with a world of today. The singing of a better life for all is an old tradition.

Studio 07.15

Basement studio Canterbury

This is followed by ‘If she falls’ which is the moment when lovers lose all sense of reality in their passion. Nothing matters any more except the thing they are in. This has an extraordinary mélange of violins by Anthony Johnson for an instrumental.

‘So like a child’ is a simple lament for a long lost time and place.

‘The Cowboy song’ is an impressionistic airing of that old topic, unrequited love. Most of us have done self inflicted time in that particular prison at some stage!

ric detroit studio

Basement studio Detroit

‘Migrant’ closes the CD with a comment on the hopes and fears of the refugee in transit. It is along similar lines of thought to Woody Guthrie’s ‘Deportee’.

Four of the tracks include guest musicians: Catriona Bryce-cello, Chris Burn-vocals, Alan Cook-lap steel & pedal steel, Sue Hudson- vocals, Anthony Johnson-fiddles, Alan Prosser-guitar & vocals, Jef Reynolds-string bass, and Julie Walkington-string bass. I play and sing alone on the last track. (Cover painting by Chris How. Photo by Julie Mecoli.)

Kitchen studio

Kitchen as vocal booth

The recordings were made in a number of locations including Canterbury and Detroit as time and musicians’ availability allowed.

This CD and the previous ‘Seven Songs’ CD are available on the music and downloads page above. When you get there you can either play the tracks  using the player, download, or click  Latest Waxing link which will take you to Bandcamp where you can read the lyrics and listen at the same time. If you would like a hard copy please contact me with your address.

I hope you enjoy the fruits of our labours!

  • More Soon! Get in touch and just invite me, I will even come and play at your house and be happy to do so! Go on risk it!