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The Roads of Liberty

I 75 near Saginaw Michigan traveling south.

I 75 near Saginaw Michigan traveling south.

Welcome to my new website. I am constructing and learning as I go. More pages and info will be added as time allows.

When I was a teenager I listened a lot to Simon and Garfunkel. One of their songs, America, particularly captivated me partly because they sang of far away, and of course to me, romantic places like Saginaw and Michigan.

When I first went to the US it was quite a shock to find that these places really existed out side folk song and seeing a signpost for Saginaw as real as one for Sturry or Wingham was very exiting. I should have got out more as a kid! This song is about my first impressions of that fabulous flawed social experiment that calls itself America.

The first two lines of the song are a phone message that I took for someone living in the house I was staying in at the time.

This is the Roads of Liberty:


Dates coming up:

Friday 22 November 8.30

Whitstable Folk Club. The Labour Club, Belmont Road, Whitstable CT5 1QP

Music: https://henrysparks.bandcamp.com/