The Gobshite Politician

As the roar of the wave of the anthropocene extinction bears down on us at and alarming rate we have some very poor stuff in charge both in the US and UK (and also in other countries). It now seems acceptable for politicians to lie about anything they choose whenever they choose. That would not be so bad if people did not put up with it…but they do. They vote for these serial liars. Yet no one much talks about it. It is the dead elephant in the living room. Lying and its results are something that one hopefully gets a handle on as a child.

I do not have children but if I did I do not know how I could instill in them in the current climate any sense of making a choice between ‘good and evil’ rather than all things being equally possible and acceptable.

We are going to have to up the game and become much more empathic and cooperative as societies if we wish to survive extinction. If not well I guess the humans will have made the choice…

The time is NOW and I am pissed off!