Mary had a little lamb.

Mary had a little lamb and its fleece was white as snow but, as a fellow from London informed her, it had already been sold as mutton on the futures market.

Earlier last year I heard the newish chairman of Barclays bank on BBC Radio 4 proposing to roll back thirty years of commercial greed on the grounds that it was not a good long term strategic model for business in society (As the Americans would say at this point: ‘duuhhr’). He did not call it ‘Thatcherism’ by name but I am assuming that is what he was really talking about.

I applauded the idea and even though the rain and wind lashed the windows it did make my porridge taste a bit better and the world looked a bit brighter.

And yet I still do not hear the roar of the tsunami of greed rolling back…and now we also have the growing aspirations of a new tribe of religious lunatics to contend with. Our planet is too small for all this bad behavior. Why don’t they all take a long holiday to Mars to abuse, cheat, fight and if required, kill each other as much as they wish? I am told Mars has a very nice atmosphere and there is nothing much to be destroyed.

Oooooohhh…I can hear the ‘Committee for the Protection of Unoccupied Planets’ scratching out their letters of opposition…”Am I alone on this planet…

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