So far to fall


The building is swaying lightly and every time the lift goes up and down it rocks. That is highrise and this is Chicago. Not pretty but interesting in that there are strata to the city with different events at different levels. I am told it is a very interesting town by American standards but mostly I just saw the area around the hotel and the venue.

To be up in one of these blocks is instantly alienating. It removes me from what I regard as my normal space. I am swaying in a box in the sky which is tethered by steel to the ground. I look out through my eyes and then out through the eyes of the building to the ants below in a different world of sound and light.

What are they doing? Why did he…or is it a she cross that road? Does that cyclist know there is a truck coming from behind? Do they have ear phones in?

The elevational world of the groundlings is different to the plan laid out for those on the clouds. The concept of ‘far’ is generally a horizontal view towards the horizon. It is about distance to travel along the ground.

The distance from the spacecraft to the blue ball we call home should have a different name. It is not ‘far’ it is some other concept. But that is a weightless experience and the Chicago experience is a distance from the plan in gravity. There is an unease in this case that I could go far fast if I stepped out the window. Yet another ‘far’.


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