What is going on right now…everyone is crew!

Photo: Chris Hinton

Photo: Chris Hinton

It has been a while since I brought out the Latest Waxing CD…nearly a year in fact. What have I done since then? It seems like an awful lot and an awful lot of nothing. I got some good reviews for the CD which was quite a surprise. I was expecting the usual blaze of apathy that usually accompanies an artistic action. I played my usual eccentric set of gigs, but I am not sure that the CD has made it any easier to get gigs which is what I am trying to concentrate on at this moment…a lot of balls in the air all at once.

Also I am organising a trip to Melbourne in April 2017 to record a new CD of songs with Chris Lewis, Dan Witton and Jenny Thomas of Bush Gothic. Writing as much as real life and staying the right side of the red line allows I have about 15 new songs to work on plus some others that have been around a while. I have become a lot more methodical about the songwriting exercise. It always seems as if one has to keep the dream-catcher out to register even the smallest tremor of emotion: happy, sad, and lately a lot of very angry and depressed. It seems

Photo: Jenny Ellis

Photo: Jenny Ellis

as if the field of civilization is being cut down and sown with quicklime before our eyes at the behest of unfettered capitalism.

But in spite of this we have to remember that: ‘There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew.’ (Marshall McLuhan)…even if the would be passengers do not like the idea of rolling their sleeves up.

I think that right now songwriters have their work cut out and a job to do; yet I do not hear many doing that job and getting to the guts of the stuff. I hope I am doing my part.

‘Here Come the Storm’ (video)



Monday 5th June: Songwriter’s Den 8pm. The George 52 Albion Street, CT101NE Broadstairs

Sat July 8th: Rochester Acoustic Music Day. “The Good Intent”, JohnStreet, Rochester ME1 1YL.

More Soon! Get in touch and just invite me, I will even come and play at your house and be happy to do so! Go on risk it!